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In our experiences with Ira, he demonstrated the rare ability to function as consultant, trainer, and technology expert with equal degrees of excellence. His work was superior and the level of service was unparalleled.

– Bill Haeck, Chief Services Officer, One to One Interactive

  Arrange Windows Side by Side Widget

In Microsoft Project, there is a function located under the Windows menu called "Arrange All". If you have two projects open, the standard "Arrange All" function will display one project stacked on top of the other project. More...
  Rollup...Rollup Milestone Dates to the Project Center

An important part of a project manager's job is to manage the dates for milestones and other key tasks in a project. The dates for these key tasks are monitored very closely by executives in an organization, and Project Web Access is an excellent tool to keep the management team informed about these tasks in your project. More...


The Driving Path Widget locates all of the predecessor tasks that drive a specific task’s schedule

Have you ever looked at a long list of predecessor tasks in a project and wondered which one is causing the schedule delay? With the Driving Path Widget, you will stop wasting time manually checking tasks to identify a path of predecessors that determine any given task’s schedule. Just select a task and push the "Driving Path" toolbar button.

All dependency types (including lags) and constraint dates are considered in the evaluation. In addition to the driving path, all other non-driving paths of predecessors are also indentified, so all potential driving paths are visible.

The Driving Path Widget displays tasks highlighted in green as the driving path to the selected task. Tasks highlighted in gray are the non-driving predecessors.

  • Clearly visualize the "critical path" that drives the schedule of any selected task
  • Navigate through the driving path by using the "Go To Driving Task" form
  • Easily filter the driving tasks to the selected task in your project.
  • Quickly discern which predecessors are driving any of the tasks in the project

The Driving Path Widget provides filtering options and usage settings to help focus your analysis.

Click here to request a demonstration of the Driving Path Widget
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