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Ira is one of the most knowledgeable people you will ever meet with regards to MS Project. He has the unique ability to deliver real solutions to real problems without intimidating the people with which he works. I continue to recommend Project Widgets to all of my clients.

– Don Poland, PMP, Project Management Consultant

  Arrange Windows Side by Side Widget

In Microsoft Project, there is a function located under the Windows menu called "Arrange All". If you have two projects open, the standard "Arrange All" function will display one project stacked on top of the other project. More...
  Rollup...Rollup Milestone Dates to the Project Center

An important part of a project manager's job is to manage the dates for milestones and other key tasks in a project. The dates for these key tasks are monitored very closely by executives in an organization, and Project Web Access is an excellent tool to keep the management team informed about these tasks in your project. More...


The Scenario Builder Widget allows you to create "what-if" scenarios for your projects.

The Scenario Builder Widget works seamlessly with Microsoft Project Server to allow you to create scenario versions of a single project or a consolidated master project. The widget provides many powerful features, including:
  • The Scenario Change Report allows you to easily compare the differences between an active project and a scenario project, as well as compare one scenario to another.
  • The Gantt Variance Report provides a visual comparison of all tasks and milestones in your scenario project and the active project.
  • Graphical indicators make it easy to see if scenario schedule dates have shifted earlier or later.
  • You can create an unlimited number of scenarios for a project.

The Scenario Change Report automatically identifies the differences between a scenario project and an active project.

  • You can easily evaluate the differences between one scenario and another, enabling you to confidently make portfolio decisions by better understanding your options.
  • You can archive your scenarios for future reference, creating a digital paper trail for your business decisions.
  • You can evaluate the downstream impact of making multiple changes to a scenario without impacting the active project.
  • The Scenario Builder Widget allows you to promote a scenario to become the active project at the click of a button.

The Scenario Builder Widget allows you to create virtually unlimited scenario versions of a single project or a consolidated master project.

Click here to request a demonstration of Scenario Builder Widget
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