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As a Microsoft Project partner, Ira Brown consistently delivered time-critical solutions for our Microsoft Project platform. Ira's superior knowledge and excellent skills in translating business needs into solutions were crucial to a successful implementation.

– Clive E. Waugh, Manager, Collaborative Technologies

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Each year, Microsoft hosts an event for Microsoft Project partners and customers called the "Project Technical Briefing" (PTB). About eight years ago, a tradition started that has since been repeated at almost every PTB that has been held since.

It turns out that Ira Brown, the founder and president of Project Widgets, also performs in a musical comedy group called the Nuclear Fish. On a fateful day at a PTB many years ago, Ira decided to merge his day and night job together, and performed a humorous song about Microsoft Project that made quite a hit with the crowd.

At nearly every PTB event since then, Ira has been asked to take to the stage once again for a new musical "ribbing" of our favorite project management software package.

Project Widgets has made these songs available for your enjoyment on their web site, and there's even a video you can watch from the 2004 Project Technical Briefing. Who says you can't have a little fun with project management?

(click on the CD above to sing along!)

(to the tune of "Yesterday" by Paul McCartney & John Lennon)

All my projects took so long to save,
Almost sent me to an early grave,
Then P11 came my way,

Suddenly, all my webparts seem to come alive,
SimpleUI equals "1-2-5",
I learned about that yesterday,

If I need a resource that's bright,
I team build lite,
I can sync my pool using AD, overnight,

I could never print my timesheet well,
Now my grids are printing really swell,
Since P11 came my way,

I don't need a friend to extend my PDS,
I can version all of my "docs" with W.S.S.,

I was so easy to overbook,
Now my schedule shows up in Outlook,
My old P10 now I will shelve,
And I can't wait to see P12.
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