Task Color Widget


The Task Color Widget (TCW) automates the background colors for each outline level within one or more projects in an organization’s Microsoft Project Server or Project Online system in a consistent, user-friendly, and scalable manner. The TCW allows project managers to select the colors through a manual color palette or enter the RGB values for each outline level with an easy-to-use interface.

Task Color Widget Interface 5
Task Color Widget Interface 4
Task Color Widget Interface 2
Task Color Widget Interface 3
Task Color Widget Interface 1


  • Allows you to visually organize your projects with a selection of colors with a manual selection form
  • Allows you to visually organize your projects with unique color values with an RGB form
  • Stores the values for reuse across multiple projects
  • Provides the option to apply colors exclusively to summary tasks or every tasks within each outline level


  • Greatly reduces time required to visually organize the project hierarchy
  • Increases the readability of the work-breakdown-structure

Task Color Widget